Geometry Dash 2.1 apk for iPhone

Geometry dash game is well-known developed by Robert Topala who has started the RobTop game developing company in Sweden in 2013. Now Geometry dash game is played by most of the mobile phone users around the world. Geometry dash 2.1 apk version is uploaded recently with some of the key features which offer a different experience for the players. The geometry dash 2.1 apk is the trial version before the update of geometry dash 2.2.1 apk. This new update has some of the unimaginable features which make the game even more interesting from the old version.

geometry dash apk free download

Geometry dash supports with both Android and iPhone platform and also available with apps stores as well. People who have the idea to access the geometry dash 2.1 apk version of the game can directly download it from the app stores or website. The developer team also stud up with various options which customizes the settings of complete gameplay with the latest version. The geometry dash is mostly based on running and jumping with strange and adventure setups. So this game followed and played with a wide range of audience regardless.

Some of the key features of geometry dash game

  • It’s a rhythm-based action platforming game.
  • You can build your own levels and share using the level editor option.
  • Every level has its own way of background soundtrack.
  • Users can unlock new icons and color for the characters using the customization.
  • Practice mode also available to learn the game skills.
  • Achievements will appreciate every level with awards.
  • Updated version of geometry dash 2.1.1 apk
  • It has new icon and effects.
  • Weekly demon challenges are available for the players.
  • Newly added community shops as well.
  • Bugfix option and tweaks too.
  • Folders and level sorting options along with leaderboards.

Juegos de geometry dash

Download geometry dash game for iPhone

As like every other application geometry dash game is also available with the iTunes apple playstore. The normal version of the geometry dash game can be downloaded directly from the iTunes store for iPhone.

Steps to download geometry dash game for iPhone

  • Open the iTunes app store on the device.
  • Now search for the geometry dash game from the search option.
  • Now click on the download option and enable the settings.
  • Downloading will get completed within a minute.
  • Now start to install the downloaded geometry dash game.
  • Then open the game with a tap on the icon and play the game.

Geometry dash 2.1 apk version for iPhone

The latest geometry dash 2.1 apk game version for iPhone is not available with any of the sites. The developers were working on the iPhone version of geometry dash 2.1 apk update. The apk version for Android phones can also be downloaded and installed. But the android device must be root accessed before doing it. People who want to use the geometry dash app from android phones must root access it. The updated version of the geometry dash 2.1 apk version has strikes most of the users to update it immediately to get the advanced features.

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